Please remember our policies are not for the benefit of our store but for other students who have signed up for the classes. If everyone follows our policies we can have a more cohesive class environment, geared towards learning and sharing of ideas.


1. You can register for class by e-mail, phone, in the store or by using this e-mail form. However, you cannot pay for your class by phone; we will only accept payment in the store or by Paypal.  You must provide a working e-mail address and current phone number to register.

2. Class fees (not material costs) are due one week prior to scheduled class. Class fees hold your space in class. If your class fees’ are not paid one week prior to class, your seat will be given to the next student on the waiting list.

3. We prefer small classes so our students get more individual instruction. Our class seating is limited to 6 students. However, if we do not have 3 students for the class – we will cancel the class and notify you one week to 48 hours prior to class. If we cancel a class you can get a refund or sign up for another class.

4. If you cannot attend the class you signed up to attend you can:

                a. Reschedule for another class.

                b. Get a store credit.

                c. Send someone in your place.

5. Please purchase ALL supplies before your class. Most of the classes will be held on Saturday and we are NOT open on Saturday. You will need to come to class prepared to take the class.

6. Please show up for your class at least 15 minutes early to get a seat, arrange your supplies and be ready for the class to begin on time.

7. You’re welcome to bring snacks and drinks to class. On some occasions we will supply some snacks and drinks. Please read all materials so you know what is offered for each class.

8. We offer a 10% discount on your class supplies only. If you do not purchase your supplies (does not include anything from the TOOL or ADDITIONAL MATERIALS list) from us and chose to bring them from an outside source, a 20% surcharge will be added to the teaching fee.

9. You must ONLY use the supplies listed for the specific class. Substitutions are not allowed as we teach with the listed supplies only.

10. All class times will be listed for each class. Be prepared to stay for the entire class period. If you cannot stay or leave – you’ll have to reschedule an appointment or sign up for another class to finish. Since classes will be held on Saturday we will be closed. If the class ends at 3pm, we will close one half hour AFTER class ends for any shopping you may want to do.

11. If, for whatever reason, you do not understand the class materials – you can:

                a. Sit in on the same class on another day to try to get a better grasp of the technique.

                b. Schedule a private tutoring for the design at a discounted rate of $15.00 per hour (regularly $25.00 for private tutoring per hour charge).

12.  Each class description will denote class times, supplies and more vital information. Please read ALL class descriptions before registering to attend.

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