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Close Out -Seed Bead Category

ANY and ALL Close-Out and OVERSTOCK Seed bead type beads. Buy as is - no refunds - no exceptions-no holds-no special requests, first come, first serve.
Limited quantities. Will not be replaced, restocked or resold once depleted. Please ask questions prior to purchase. 


Amy Ap SD apx 11.5g
SKU: 20060
Qty Out of stock
Aqua Celsian SD apx 11.5g
SKU: 60020
Qty Out of stock
CW Celsian SD apx 11.5g
SKU: 03000-22501
Qty (from 1 to 4)
Jet Amber SD apx 11.5g
SKU: 23980-26441
Qty Out of stock
Lemon Capri Gold SD apx 11.5g
SKU: 93120-27101
Qty Out of stock
Matt Jet Valentinite SD apx 11.5g
SKU: 23980-22671
Qty Out of stock
Matte Apollo Umber SD apx 11.5g
SKU: 1361
Qty (from 1 to 2)
Ruby Apollo SD apx 11.5g
SKU: 90080
Qty Out of stock
Twin Brown Iris apx 11.5g
SKU: TW59115
Qty Out of stock
Twin Matte Green Lumi apx 11.5g
SKU: TW48055M
Qty Out of stock
Twin SD Blk Dia AB apx 11.5g
SKU: TW40010
Qty Out of stock
Twin SD Em apx 11.5g
SKU: TW50710
Qty (from 1 to 5)
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