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Indian Summer Earrings

Inspired by a beautiful Autumn photograph of the Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada.  We designed these earrings in “tiers” or “layers”. The TOP uppermost tier represents the tops of trees during the “false” summer. The BOTTOM lower tier represents the leaves on the middle & lower half of the trees. The single blue leaf represents the stream running through the trees. We love the “jingling” noise the Lucite leaves make when you move your head and the absolute weightlessness of these earrings. They are perfect for Autumn but also have an India flare that makes them a great choice for a night on the town – any day of the year.  These are the instructions are part of the kit for the Indian Summer earrings.  Do not buy the PDF if you are buying the kit. 


Indian Summer Earrings Kit
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Indian Summer Earrings PDF
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