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Tulip Needle Tapestry

Tulip Needle Tapestry
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Japanese Tulip beading needles for Tapestry come in a glass vile with cork stopper. Tulip is known for their fine quality quilt needles. They are indeed flexible and springy. The eye is easy to thread. The tip is rounded slightly to slide easily into beads while preventing splitting the thread. Size 11 has a comfortable length, fits readily into size 15 seed beads, flexible and springy but remains straight after many "beading" projects. It was easy to thread and the thread was easily removed and added to the eye with no issues. The size 13 Tulip needle can accommodate 10 pound Fireline and pass through a 15/o Japanese seed bead 5 times. This package contains 3 needles in 3 sizes approx 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 inches.
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