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Czech AVA®

Czech glass AVA® 10x4mm 3-hole angled beads, one hole runs horizontal through the Apex of the A and the other two holes are at the bottom of the A, 20 beads per tube. We will carry limited stock in this bead.


AVA Crystal Magic Orchid 20 pcs
SKU: AVA-00030-95000
Qty Out of stock
AVA Crystal Sliperit 20 pcs
SKU: AVA-00030-29500
Qty Out of stock
AVA Jet 20 pcs
SKU: AVA-23980
Qty (from 1 to 2)
AVA Jet Full AB 20 pcs
SKU: AVA-23980-28703
Qty Out of stock
AVA Jet Picasso 20 pcs
SKU: AVA-23980-43400
Qty (from 1 to 1)
AVA Zinc Iris 20 pcs
SKU: AVA-01670
Qty (from 1 to 2)
SKU: AVA-27000E *modified AVA*
Qty Out of stock
ETCH AVA FULL Sunset 20 pcs
SKU: AVA-27183E *modified AVA*
Qty Out of stock
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