Welcome to The Hole Bead Shoppe.


     The Hole Bead Shoppe will be closed from August 7th until August 22nd, 2016 to vendor the Beading in the Ozarks Retreat in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Please feel free to stop by and shop their great selection of beads from August 12th through the 14th, 2016. Thank you for your patronage.  The Hole Bead Shoppe web store is a partial inventory of our physical store.  Item descriptions can be found at the top of each category page to assist you in shopping on our site.  You must LOG IN if you are a current customer or register if you are not a customer before adding any items to your cart.  This will save you tremendous headaches on checkout including coupons not working or cart items disappearing .  We will be adding new items all the time. Some items will be in a limited supply. If you own a physical retail store and would like to carry Lucite, please see the "Wholesale Lucite" information under the "Links" section. Large orders will require additional processing time. We will inform you of any unusual delay. Please see the "Tips and Tricks" section under "Links" if you are new to the site.