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Rae's RE-Home Da-Stash

A person accumulates many things in the course of owning a bead business and beading for many years. If you are a true crafter - you know we often buy products for the simple fact that we love it. I have an ever growing collection of beads, so many beads that in a lifetime, I'll never use them all, no matter how I try. 
Therefore, a difficult decision has been made regarding my collection and that is to add many pieces here in this category in an attempt to give it to someone who may want to use it and thus giving it a loving home to shine and not be hidden away. 
Rae's Favorite Things category can be any item, any price, any size, any shipping price. 
PLEASE read all listings carefully with regard to size, color and cost. 
PLEASE ask questions prior to purchase - I make myself available as much as possible to all my customers. I hope you enjoy the items in this category as they are mine, hopefully to become yours. Let me know what you think and write me with any questions! 
There are no available products under this category.
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