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Tips & Tricks

Below is a few helpful ways to make navigating the site easier for you.

1.) For registered users always Log In first. When you log in before adding items to the cart the contents of the cart will be accurate when you check out. For unregistered users look around, enjoy, if you wish to purchase, before adding any items to your cart please register and log in. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for coupons and information please put your e-mail address in the space on the bottom right side menu.

2.) Always Log In. Oops.. Ok 2.) When you add an item to the cart and hit "add to cart" the page will refresh but you might think nothing has happened. Look over to the right where it says "your cart" and has a picture of a cart. The dollar value should have changed. You can display your cart at any time by clicking on the cart icon. To go back to the category you were at please click the back arrow on your browser not the continue shopping button on the cart page. This will take you back to the place you were just before you added the item.

3.) Lets say you want different colors and amounts of the same style of item. It is easier to add a single unit of the item in all the colors you want to the cart first. When you are done getting all the colors then go to the cart and adjust the quantities. This way you can also make sure all of the item quantities are what you intend to buy.

4.) Coupons are entered on the cart page. They can only be entered after meeting the coupon requirements. The coupons have to be entered on the cart page or at checkout. For more information on the coupon section see the link on the left that says "How to use coupons" or just click

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