O-bead is a 2x4mm flat glass ring with a 1.3mm inside diameter hole packaged in plastic bags, gram weights vary. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.
Counts are approximate, counted and weighed but mistakes do happen. 

All items in this category are WHOLESALE cost. Because of STEEP discounts and superb savings in these categories you have some responsibilities as well as myself.
ASK Questions PRIOR to purchase. READ all descriptions because they vary. ALL sales FINAL, NO exceptions please. SOLD as-is. ABSOLUTELY no returns or refunds. Colors may vary per monitor settings. No other discounts EVER apply. Most items limited to one per listing. Stock on hand only and no guarantee stock updated or correct. I will and always do attempt to ensure no mistakes are made to your order, descriptions, quantities or financial status of your order.
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Amethyst AB -38 grams
SKU: BBB-Obead 20060-28701
Qty (from 1 to 1)
CW Azuro Matt-14 grams
SKU: BBB-Obead 03000-22271
Qty (from 1 to 2)
CW Green Turq-12 grams
SKU: BBB-Obead 03000-65431
Qty Out of stock
CW Lab Matt -17 grams
SKU: BBB-Obead 03000-27071
Qty (from 1 to 2)
GT Purple -20 grams
SKU: BBB-Obead 29262
Qty (from 1 to 2)
Jade AB -16 grams
SKU: BBB-Obead 63130-28701
Qty (from 1 to 2)
Jet Capri Gold Full -22.5 grams
SKU: BBB-Obead 00030-27100
Qty Out of stock
MATT Black Hills Gold -50 grams
SKU: BBB-Obead 98572
Qty (from 1 to 4)
MATT CW Celsian -22 grams
SKU: BBB-Obead 03000-22571
Qty Out of stock
Opq Azuro Red-11 grams
SKU: BBB-Obead 93200-22201
Qty (from 1 to 1)
Rose Gold Topaz -17 grams
SKU: BBB-Obead 65491
Qty Out of stock
Vitrail Full-19.5 grams
SKU: BBB-Obead 23980-28100
Qty Out of stock
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