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Czech 7mm Bugles

Czech 7mm bugles in 9 gram 2 inch tubes are coated in some of the most popular Czech colors to match all your other Czech seed beads and shaped beads.


Alum Silver apx 9g
SKU: CZBGL7-01700
Qty Out of stock
Copper Rainbow apx 9g
SKU: CZBGL7-98533
Qty (from 1 to 4)
Aztec Gold apx 9g
SKU: CZBGL7-01710
Qty (from 1 to 4)
Camel Gold apx 9g
SKU: CZBGL7-01780
Qty (from 1 to 2)
FULL Lab apx 9g
SKU: CZBGL7-27000
Qty (from 1 to 1)
Copper apx 9g
SKU: CZBGL7-01750
Qty Out of stock
Purple Iris Gold apx 9g
SKU: CZBGL7-01640
Qty (from 1 to 5)
Golden Rainbow apx 9g
SKU: CZBGL7-98536
Qty (from 1 to 8)
Cry Sunset apx 9g
SKU: CZBGL7-27137
Qty (from 1 to 7)
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