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Czech Czechmates Quadra-Lentils

Czech Czechmates QuadraLentils are 6mm four-holed disk shaped bead. Another bead in the Czechmate system, all the bead holes in Czechmates line up to give you archtectural shaped bead designs and stability in your beadweaving projects. 2..5 inch tube with apx 8.2g and 90 beads per tube*

* Pre-tubed by our vendor we are not responsible for inaccuracy or broken bits.


Aztec Gold 8.2 g
SKU: QLen-K0171
Qty (from 1 to 1)
Brass Gold 8.2 g
SKU: QLen-K0174
Qty (from 1 to 4)
Cream Picasso 8.2 g
SKU: QLen-T0300
Qty (from 1 to 3)
Full Lab 8.2 g
SKU: QLen-27000
Qty (from 1 to 1)
Green Turq 8.2 g
SKU: QLen-6315
Qty (from 1 to 2)
Matt Jet 8.2 g
SKU: QLen-M2398
Qty (from 1 to 3)
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