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Lucies’ Daisy Patch

Lucies Daisy Patch was on the cover of Beadwork Magazine 2008.  It was Kelli's first cover as a bead designer and it's a gorgeous cover.  Thank you Beadwork Magazine. As the 9th anniversary is here, I was prompted by friends to check kit contents to reissue these kits - which we sold in the 100's! 
Here are the final issues of this kit and once these kits are sold - the bracelet will retire. It needs rest. I need rest. Instructions come with the KITS. Individual instructions are for those that want to use their own supplies.


ANNIVERSARY -Lucies’ Daisy Patch LAB
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ANNIVERSARY -Lucies’ Daisy Patch Purples
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ANNIVERSARY -Lucies’ Daisy Patch Rainbow
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Lucies Daisy Patch PDF
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